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Common trouble shooting method of open mill
发布时间:2014-08-14    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.

Common trouble shooting method of open mill
A: mill roller working face can not adjust the small distance
(1) serious damage to the screw or nut
(2) the safety gaskets in the adjusting device is badly damaged or damaged.
(1) maintenance and replacement of serious wear parts
(2) inspection and maintenance or replacement of safety gaskets
Two: the roller shaft neck, high temperature exceeding 100 DEG C, and fault troubleshooting
(1) the working temperature is too low, feeding quantity and large, make the cross roller work pressure long time overload caused by bearing lubricating oil film bearing lining damage, not good lubrication; should reduce the amount of raw material on the surface of roller, the roller temperature increase.
(2) the oil supply of the shaft neck is small or the oil pump is not enough, or it may be blocked by the oil pipe.
(3) the cooling water supply is insufficient, the water flow is too small, dredge the cooling water pipe road, increase the supply of cooling water.
(4) the working face of the bearing liner is badly worn, so that the sliding matching surface of the journal bearing and the shaft neck is rough.
(5) the distance between the roller working face is too small, serious overloading, roller should improve the roll gap
Three: a feeding too much
Solution: should be appropriate to reduce the rubber material
Four: rubber stick in the mixing roll on down how to do?
(1) the temperature of the machine is too low.
(2) the cleaning machine is used to clean the roller.
(3) the viscosity of adhesive is too strong
(1) and (3) as long as you put the mill's roller temperature with high hardness material to refine, temperature to 40 degrees can be done.
(2) must be a little bit of the material to clean up, and then use the white oil to clean up the roll, and then wipe the rust proof oil roll, clean it up.

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