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Development of mixer in China
发布时间:2015-03-26    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.

Today, the mixer can be seen almost everywhere in the world, rubber and plastic is an indispensable part of our life. The mill's density is also increasing, dense early mill production mainly in Germany, Russia, the United States and other countries, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the late Chinese has also been rapid development of our country's famous national type mixer mixing machine enterprise is also in 60s 5, learning German and Russian technology production and R & D so far the equipment used in domestic is relatively less, because the price is expensive, high quality for export abroad, the global rubber machine manufacturer before ten accounted for two places.
Domestic manufacturers, mixer, mixing machine is increasing year by year, independent research and development has gradually become the market mixer is widely used, production may be due to the development time is relatively short, the details of its machinery technology is not mature, often make use of manufacturers to have a headache, and maintenance rate compared to imports is too frequent. But the relative distance and cost, there are still a lot of manufacturers use.
In recent years, with China's automation requirements increase, labor costs increase, the domestic plastic manufacturers of equipment safety and automation, working environment is more and more high, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, these second-line imported equipment used more and more in china.
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