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Improvement of open mixer
发布时间:2015-07-23    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.
At present, the world's major industrial countries have already formed a series of production, specifications, size, shape is roughly similar. In order to develop the new products, the improvement of the opening of the new products is mainly to improve the mechanization degree, to increase the safety operation measures, to improve the working conditions and to reduce the area of the new products. At present, some of the major domestic manufacturers to open the mixing mechanism to make a lot of improvements, such as the reduction system is arranged on the left and right bracket, arranged in a tray below, the stirring device is arranged on the machine frame, the hydraulic roller distance and hydraulic safety device, reduce equipment weight and area to improve the service life of equipment, etc.. At present, the domestic open smelting machine has also formed a complete series, complete variety of specifications, can completely meet the requirements of all aspects of the user.


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