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Experimental mixer
发布时间:2015-07-24    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.

The mixer is suitable for EVA, rubber, synthetic rubber, hot melt and other kinds of chemical raw materials, mixing, kneading and dispersing. Then the ratio formula into production line test. This 3L mixer is the most practical machine is mainly used in the test of raw materials and formulations to be mixed with uniform experimental type mixer.
Mixer equipped with PLC man-machine interface control system, temperature module control system and heat conduction oil heating and cooling control system, not only high-grade and beautiful, but also easy to operate, fast heating and cooling
The main configuration of the mixer is: the main motor, inverter, inverter, reducer, reducer brake motor, high temperature oil pump, PLC control system, touch screen,
Cylinders, etc..

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