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Advantages and characteristics of rubber mixer
发布时间:2015-07-27    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.
The mixer is a kind of machine which is provided with a pair of specific shape and relative to the rotor, in a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure.
The mixer is mainly composed of the mixing chamber, the rotor rotor sealing device, feeding pressure device, discharging device, transmission and chassis components. Rubber mixer
Features and advantages.
Rubber chemicals and other agents in the group closed, pressure and temperature controllable conditions for mixing and plastication, high production efficiency, material quality, uniform dispersion, environment pollution, better cleaning convenient refueling.
A mixing chamber, a rotor, ram and other components are used in structure of fixture, heating by electric heating, cooling and tap water circulation structure to adapt to all kinds of rubber (refining) process requirements, processing materials of good quality and stability.


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