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Small mixer features of the relevant knowledge
发布时间:2015-12-04    文章来自:Mixer, small mixer, pressure type mixer, rubber mixer, open mixer - Dongguan TongZhou Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.
Detailed knowledge of the characteristics of small mixer
Small mixer is a kind of high strength and high strength equipment, which is developed on the base of the mill. Since 1916 appeared in the true sense of the Banbury small mixer, the power of small mixer gradually being recognized by people.
1, mixed with the frame of mixing chamber is hanging wall junction, by two corner sealing structure, sealing good dustproof effect. The end face of the rotor adopts the contact type seal structure without lubrication, durable.
2, the stirring shaft mechanical seal leak proof dry mixing tank, for dumping type, make cleaning color change is simple easy, the sealing type mixing tank can ensure mixed goods, and prevent environmental pollution, low failure rate, the machine durable, maintenance easy operation, electricity saving.
3, a mixing chamber, a rotor, ram and other components are used in the jacketed structure, can be used for access to media, steam, thermal oil, water heating or cooling, to adapt to all kinds of rubber (refining) process requirements, processing materials of good quality and stability.
4, the helix angle of the rotor and the working length of the design is reasonable, can make the material to obtain the best effect of kneading. The rotor end face edge peak and wear-resistant hard alloy, the surface of the mixing chamber, a rotor, RAM directly in contact with the material by grinding after hard chromium plating, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
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