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Operation of the mixer should pay attention to what
发布时间:2015-12-08    文章来自:密炼机,小型密炼机,加压式密炼机,橡塑胶密炼机,开放式密炼机-东莞市同舟橡胶机械有限公司

What matters should be paid attention to when operating the mixer:
The mixer called mixer is mainly used for rubber plastication and mixing. The mixer is a rotor, a specific shape and has a relative rotation in the closed state of adjustable temperature and pressure of clearance of the polymer material plastication and mixing machine, mainly by the mixing chamber, a rotor, a rotor sealing device, feeding pressure device, unloading device, transmission and chassis components.
1, open the water supply, gas supply, oil supply valve, check the water pressure gauge, gas meter, oil pressure gauge is normal;
2, the machine operator must go through safety education, technical training, familiar with the operating procedures of the equipment before induction;
3, before starting, must check the cleaning equipment prevents operation of the debris around the machine;
4, keep the machine around the work area clean, smooth road, open the ventilation equipment (fan), keep the air circulation;
5, the machine must be raised on top of the top bolt, hopper turn back, shut the door of the material, the power can be cut off;
6, boot trial operation, and found that there is abnormal sound or other faults should be immediately shut down;
7, check the material door, on the top bolt, hopper is able to normally open;
8, no matter when, will be on the top of the bolt up, must be on the top bolt control knob dial up position;
9, kneading process, found that there is a card phenomenon, with the top bar or other tools to operate, prohibit direct use of hand cut;
9. When the hopper is turned over, the hopper and the hoist are surrounded, and the pedestrian is prohibited;

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