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After the failure of the mixer, what should I do?
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After the failure of the mixer, what should we do?
The following is the Tongzhou Xiaobian tell you mixer failure, how should we do?
A series of characteristics, such as large mixing capacity, short time and production efficiency, are shown in the rubber mixing process.
High rate; better to overcome the dust flying, reducing the loss of the mixture, improve product quality and work environment; safe and convenient operation, reduce labor
Strength; beneficial to the realization of mechanical and automatic operation, etc.. Therefore, the mixer is an important result of rubber machinery, is still plastic refining
And mixing in the typical important equipment, is still in constant development and improvement
The mixer set between the ring and the ring contact surface is uneven, can not form a sealing film.
Processing method: removing mixer fixed ring check, drag the contact surface without injury, while the contact rate is low, the need to run, the running time is more than 4-8h, the contact surface can not be broken when running oil.
2: mixer motor ring, a fixed ring between the hard particles, strain contact surface, so that the contact surface can not form a sealed oil film.
Processing method: if the coil has been strained, with oilstone grinding repair, grinding with special device. Fixed ring for the two halves of the structure, can be removed for grinding. Fixed ring plane grinding moving coil and good will, the fixed ring is assembled, the slow grinding hours, grinding lubricant.

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