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Construction principle of open type practice glue machine
发布时间:2016-03-25    文章来自:开放式炼胶机
A: the structure of the mill
The mills of different types of structure, there are differences, but the basic structure is same, is mainly composed of two hollow roller, a frame, a base, a distance adjusting device, emergency brake device, transmission device and heating and cooling device.
Two roller passes through a bearing arranged on the machine frame, the lower end of the frame is fixed on the base by bolts. A distance adjusting device connected by the adjusting screw and the front roller bearing body, used to adjust the roller spacing. The motor drives the rollers to rotate at different speeds through the speed reducer and the size of the drive gear and the gear ratio. The cooling water pipe into the roller cavity, from the end of the bell drum overflow, to adjust the temperature of the roller. Through the installation of the safety rod and the upper part of the mixing machine brake brakes.


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