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What are the characteristics of the pressurized mixer?
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On the characteristics of Tongzhou mechanical pressurized mixer are those? Liu workers below to introduce to you:
6, the use of 1 highly efficient motor, transmission power better / power saving / long life
2, according to the needs of the work, is divided into manual and automatic control, easy to operate
3, the use of pressurized mixing tank, can ensure that the mixture of uniform quality, to achieve the best mixing effect
4, the speed of the machine is generally about 1/3 (about 6-7 minutes), than the traditional type of 2-3 times faster than the turbine
5, this machine mixing trough uses the high alloy steel production, the surface all by wear-resisting steel processing, the surface plating hard chromium wear resistance especially good
6, automatically control the temperature of cooling water and steam, can be set to the working temperature of rapid conversion. Ensure quality and work efficiency to adapt to all kinds of temperature up to high efficiency
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